• mickey corsair shoot
  • VivaSoftTop
  • photo-3
  • BMC 1100
  • photo-2
  • photo-1
  • CortinaMk1 Italy
  • Heinz57
  • Corsair

    Ford Corsair Convertible
  • Viva

    Vauxhall Viva – Cabriolet
  • Mercedes

    Crayford Estate
  • BMC

    1100 Cabriolet
  • The Eliminator

    Escort Mk1. V6
  • Cortina mk.II

    1500 GT Convertible
  • Cortina Mk.I

    Ford Cotina Convertible
  • Heinz 57

    Prize car

Welcome to the Crayford Convertible Car Club website

Although famous for their roof conversions to vehicles of the 60's, 70's and 80's Crayford Auto Developments were also responsible for providing a wide range of specialist services that included: Performance-boosting engine swaps; Estate conversions; All-terrain 8-wheel-drive amphibious buggies; Bullet proofing; Stretching limos and even a folding motorbike.

The Crayford Convertible Car Club website is home to all Crayford variants. Here you will find news, stories, vehicle production data and articles relating to all things Crayford, with more to be added soon. Start by checking out the 'Crayford History' page which has the official time-line of important Crayford moments, it's packed with some fascinating facts and more than a few surprises.

The Crayford Story

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