The most impressive Opel Crayford has to be the convertible Commodore / Reckord series of cars. Very little is known to the club about them. At least one prototype of a convertible Commodore was made in the UK at Westerham, it was photographed outside Crayford House, David McMullan’s home. Motor Magazine ran a small piece to say a UK sole agent had been appointed in East Grinstead. It may be that the project, and orders were passed over to Deutsch in Cologne, as both web photos show only LHD Reckord cars. No car has ever been seen in the UK.

A different project, the Vauxhall Centaur convertible, designed by Crayford for Mumford to produce a total run of 118 cars, had an Opel Manta option, but only two have been seen, they are easily spotted by their four round headlights.

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