THE BMW 1602

No information appears to exist with reference to a BMW 1602 convertible, nothing in the press or on the Internet. But in Crayford’s official picture files, held by the club, there are photos of a white convertible 1602 registered SYH 35F, it has the same double lined Cabriolet hood as fitted to Crayford’s Cortina, Corsair, Capri and BMC 1300 Cabriolet’s, as developed by Karl Deutsch for Crayford in Germany.

It is photographed against the grass banking adjacent to the car park of the Grasshopper at Westerham, just minutes away from the Crayford factory - Crayford’s favourite photo location and their choice for every new model.

It has never been seen at shows, but another red example was seen at Bromley Pageant one year on different plates, so it could be a Deutsch car or even the work of another coachbuilder. There is just no information.

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