Ford introduced the all new Escort Mk.1 in 1968 with its famous dog bone grille. It was very popular in Malta. A Maltese company called Goya Enterprises Ltd commissioned Crayford to develop an Escort Mk.1 convertible suitable for local assembly from exported kits. More of a sunshine roof conversion, it was only a fully extended sunroof, and the rear glass remand untouched. Pictures show a development car photographed at Westerham in Kent on a RHD car. How many kits were ever shipped or assembled in Malta is not known.

The Mk.2 Escort Crayford was a more open design, like the Mk.3 Cortina it folded all the way down to the boot. The development car photographed outside Caffyns Ltd, who shared a forecourt with Crayford, shows a Right-hand-drive car, but later photo’s are of a Left-hand-drive example.

Only one Mk.2 car has ever been seen in the UK. However a red Mk.2 Crayford Escort has surfaced in Tunisia, possibally via the ferry link from Malta?

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