October 1969 saw the launch of the Rover P6 Estate. Never a true Crayford, the name has stuck over the years. The P6 estate was entirely the idea and work of Nobby Fry at FLM Panelcraft, Fulham, who's firm were building most of the B.M.C estates for Crayford under licence, for sale as Crayfords.

The first FLM P6 prototype was a pig, the rear roof drooped like a VW beetle back. David and Jeff at Crayford got Nobby drunk one night in an effort to tell him the truth, it was ugly. When sobered up next day he still wanted to go ahead, so Crayford agreed to do the PR, brochure and marketing for the car but only if the roof line was raised.

Crayford sold the first 100 cars and it was such a success, that H.R. Owen and Hurst Park Autos took over their liaison with FLM. The estate was an ideal second car for your Rolls. Today the Rover club believe over 400 were sold and, as a second car for the country estate, many survived well and cars are easy to find, the V8 estate in particular is still very sort after.

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