Layland Roadtrain



In the spring of 1987 David McMullan retired and sold Crayford. The new MD David Butlion would move the whole company to Harpenden in Hertfordshire within a year. But before leaving Westerham he took on a commission to build Crayford’s last and largest conversion. A convertible truck for the Leyland PR dept. It was used as the pace car for the International Truck Grand Prix season. Trucks are too dangerous for stationary starts, so the Crayford would lead the pack on a rolling start, it was used at Brands Hatch and Silverstone, later it was also used for a wedding.

Most of the work was done at Crayford’s trimmers, The Oxted Trimming Company in Oxted, the next village to Westerham. Truck cabs are unstressed and hinge forward on two points for servicing, Oxted did the trimming, hood frame and the fawn hood. The conversion work had to be carried out inside a huge event marquee erected outside the factory as the tractor unit was too big for the factory.

Sadly after the Truck Grand Prix season the convertible cab was removed and the valuable rolling chassis put back to normal work with a standard cab, and the one-off convertible cab was rumoured to be scraped at a yard near Luton.

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