Audi 100


When Audi added a two-door hardtop coupe to the range in 1968 it was the cue for Crayford, to switch allegiance to Audi and Mercedes Benz for inspiration after some BMC products had been quality control nightmares. Sergeant & Brocker of East Grinstead where appointed sole agents. They supplied a yellow two-door coupe that was only just ready for the Motor Show, being delivered on 6th November 1973.

The most striking feature on the new Crayford Audi 100 was the hood, finished in best German mohair it had glass rear quarter lights that where permanently attached to the hood frame, going up and down with the hood. Normally rear quarter glass was fixed to the rear wing, to swivel up and down separately into the bodywork. Crayford hoped the new design would provide a more draft free hood. The dealer paid £792 for the show car conversion, but by 1974 the cost was £1,408 and the retail cost to the customer was £4,267 for the completed car.

The club register consists of just nine documented conversions. A photo of a green German registered car is said to be the personal car of Carl Deutsch who’s company in Cologne built some conversions under licence, but used a more conventional hood with a three piece Perspex rear glass.

Despite their hopes for better quality cars from Germany, Crayford had several complaints of rust and paint blisters only four weeks after delivery, this was of course beyond Crayford’s control. History would later recall the Audi 100 was a rust bucket. Most Crayford Audi 100’s suffered constant flooding in heavy rain, not helped by the hood being attached to the rear of the car under the body edges.



Crayford had already produced a stunning Audi 100 convertible. So it was a surprise to find them launching the Crayford Audi 100 estate. Or was it because there was a big gap between the Crayford B.M.C estates and the very expensive Mercedes Benz Estate, Crayford wanted to fill the space. There are no records of these Audi sales, the convertible had less then 10 sales, no estate has ever been seen.

The Audi 100 would gain a reputation for rust, indeed the first saloons provided by Audi to Crayford had to be fixed under warranty for rusting front wings while still new cars. The Crayford Audi sold for £5,501, nearly half, £2,040 was the cost of Crayfords conversion.

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