Porsche 914



Crayford produced only one Porsche product, the VW/ Porsche 914 – 914-6. You might think this car is already an open factory sportscar, and it is. In Britain it was a rare and desirable sportscar but it had one big drawback, it was only built with left hand drive. Crayford had previous experience in converting cars from left to right hand drive in the sixties for AMC UK, converting a fleet of black embassy Ambassador’s from left to right hand drive.

A brochure (now very rare) was produced and it was rumoured at the time that the Crayford prototype for the Motor Show at Earls Court was built so close to the show opening that press artwork and photos had to be faked using trick reversed negatives. The 914 was officially a VW and the 914-6 marketed as a Porsche, but most people saw both as Porsche models. Crayford produced very few RHD 914 cars, the factory file contains only 11 invoice’s, from 1970 to 1974, most cars had been ordered via the Malaya Garage in Billinghurst, Sussex, at a trade price to them of £460. Three direct orders went to Hong Kong, Cyprus and Australia for £525

Only 3 cars have been heard of by the club in 30 years and only 1 seen in the flesh. A Crayford 914 has just sold to Northern Ireland and the 914 club chairman said it was the best of several different 914 conversions he had seen. Crayford went to the trouble of producing a new, one piece, rear bulkhead and dashboard to match the appearance of a factory made car, even the door sill moulding for the handbrake were moved from left to right.

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