William Microcar



In 1972 Crayford imported a Franco-Italian micro-car to display at the Motor Show, re-branding it as the 'William'. They had found it while on Argocat business in Italy, (like the Di Blasi folding bike). Built in both Italy and France, they were being sold as the 'Lawil' - a mixture of LA from Lambretta, and WIL from M. William who were the main French Lambretta importer, and who also built the micro-cars in France.

Later, at some point after Crayford stopped selling it, the William was also called the Farmer, it remained on sale in France up until 1985.

Powered by a very smoky 123cc Lambretta scooter engine. It was only 80 inches long, with tiny 10 inch wheels, and chains for doors - maybe they where seduced by their past Lambretta associations, but Motor magazine said they must have been mad. The project started badly when the first car was imported for the Motor Show, in a crate, which when opened was found to have damaged the yellow car. Crayford only sold a handful and only 3 survivors have ever been found in the UK.

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